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Terms & Conditions

The pilot is independent of the Scottish Canals.

The pilot provides an assisted passage by acting as shore crew. That is catching lines, operating lock gates and sluices and being vigilant in respect of lock health and safety considerations.

The departure and destination points for the canal transit shall be agreed at the prescribed price.

Boat movements cease at 5pm daily as prescribed by Scottish Canals. There is no guarantee by Scottish Canals for any boat to transit the canal within a day or any specified timescale. The pilot has no liability for the management of the canal.

Payment is due upon arrival at the destination point. Pre-payment may be made to secure a pilot at a particular time and day.

The pilot is booked for a single day, unless agreed otherwise for a multi stop / multi day transit.

The full fee must be paid if:

(i) The boat breaks down during transit and is unable to continue on the booked day.

(ii) The Canal authorities prevent or halt transit.

(iii) Traffic congestion prevents the boat from reaching its destination.

(iv) Any other occurrence outside the control of the pilot.

Should the pilot become ill or injured during the transit part payment (per lock) shall be paid. The pilot reserves the right to arrange a substitute assisted passage by competent persons.

Should the Canal be closed the transit shall be transferred to the next day the canal is open.

The pilot may contract with multiple boats for a simultaneous transit. A discount for each boat is applied depending on each boats's departure and destination points.

Should a boat not arrive at the departure point within 60 minutes of the agreed time, the pilot has the right to take on an alternative engagement.

The pilot has no jurisdiction over the management or operations staff of the Canal. The pilot is bound to obey their instructions and adhere to the Canal's health & safety policies.

Should the pilot be prevented from operating any locks or sluices by Canal staff or subcontractor of Scottish Canals, this shall not be deemed as an omission of the pilots obligations. No deductions are to be levied against the agreed fee.

The pilot warranties not to smoke, consume alcoholic beverage,or intake non prescription drugs while transiting the Canal. The pilot shall limit his use of a mobile phone to piloting business. Phoning ahead to advise Canal staff of the boat's progress is necessary to assist with a smooth transit.

The pilot's individual actions shall be covered by his public liability insurance The skippers insurance is protected against any claim against the pilot.

The pilot is protected by the skipper's insurance should the skipper cause any issues or accidents by his control of the boat.

The pilot is an independent business according to UK law and HMC&E. The skipper shall have no tax liability relating to the payment of fees to the pilot.

Any photos or media from the transit shall be private to both parties unless agreed otherwise.

Additional information:


Peter Trott schedule of fees per boat:

Single day transit between Cairnbaan and Dunardry (locks 5 to 13) £90

Single day transit  between Ardrishaig and Dunardry (locks 1 / basin to 13) £120

Two day transit from £150

Three day transit from £180

Craobh Haven to Crinan Sea Lock to Ardrishaig from £220

All fees are agreed and confirmed by a booking confirmation text stating the agreed fee.

Payment by cash or bank transfer.

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